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And That Is Why We Go

In collaboration with Peter Lawless - Solo Non-Stop Circumnavigation

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And that is why we go - Fleming Lawless scan.jpg

"And That Is Why We Go" acrylic and mixed media 

100cm x 120cm x 4cm deep edge canvas

In August 2021 Peter Lawless will be leaving Kilrush, Co. Clare, to sail solo, non-stop, unassisted around the world from Ireland back to Ireland via the five great capes of the Southern Ocean. An experienced yacht master, Peter is also skilled in Celestial Navigation - this means that he will be using a sextant and paper charts as his primary navigation tools to plot his course on the route. 

What does this have to do with me? Well, when I came across Peter's story I was inspired! Perhaps it was because we were still in a strict lockdown and this person was setting off well outside his 5km. Perhaps it was that living directly on Cork Harbour for over 14 years now has made me more attuned to sailing and shipping. Whatever the reason, I was inspired to capture this amazing adventure in paint. I contacted Peter, and he graciously agreed for me to be "artist not in residence" on his journey. Throughout the trip I will be painting in response to Peter's experiences that he will be sharing with us via satellite internet. 

This is the first piece that I've created in response to the anticipation of this great adventure. In acrylic and mixed media, it reflects Peter’s journey into the unknown and the historic route and navigation methods.  It also responds to the question Peter seems to be asked in every interview - why is he going? These are the words of Bernard Moitessier, one of the early solo non-stop circumnavigators: 

“A sailor's geography is not always that of the cartographer, for whom a cape is a cape, with a latitude and longitude. For the sailor, a great cape is both a very simple and an extremely complicated whole of rocks, currents, breaking seas and huge waves, fair winds and gales, joys and fears, fatigue, dreams, painful hands, empty stomachs, wonderful moments, and suffering at times. A great cape, for us, can't be expressed in longitude and latitude alone. A great cape has a soul, with very soft, very violent shadows and colours. A soul as smooth as a child's, as hard as a criminal's. And that is why we go.”

From 'The Long Way', by Bernard Moitessier


This is "And That Is Why We Go" and I cannot wait to follow Peter's adventure. 

Support Peter's journey!
Make a donation via GoFundMe 

Peter is now making the very final preparations ahead of sailing on 21st August. Funds are still needed for the final essential items and to ensure communication while he is at sea. We have decided to hold an additional online fundraiser and this painting is being offered in a draw that you can enter now on Peter's website. This is a great chance to own an original piece of art, created in response to a unique journey. The draw will be held via Facebook Live at 6PM on 20th August at Kilrush Marina. 


First Prize:

Original Painting "And That Is Why We Go"

Acrylic and mixed media on 100cm x 120cm x 4cm deep edge canvas

Signed and dated by Peter Lawless before he sails 

Second and Third Prize: 

Giclée print, 25cm x 30cm on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag paper

Signed and dated by Peter Lawless before he sails

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